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Always Psychic is designed to provide you with the knowledge to empower your spiritual life and reach your highest psychic potential. This website is still a work in progress; but eventually, all the psychic resources you'll ever need will be awaiting your discovery. Enjoy!

Psychic Development

Psychic Abilities:
Everyone has psychic abilities... we've just been taught to dismiss them. In this section you will be shown how to utilize these abilities by first understanding what they are and then learning techniques to strenghten your intuitive powers.

 Psychic Wisdom

Psychic Tests:
Three great psychic ability tests. These tests are designed to work on both precognitive and clairvoyant abilities.

Remote Viweing:
Remote viewing is related to ESP and psychic phenomena. The main difference between remote viewing and a psychic who receives impressions is that remote viewing is... read more about remote viewing

Psychic Tools - The Divining Arts

The Art Of Reading Tarot Cards:
Discover how to read Tarot Cards . You'll learn how to interpret the cards and properly read a tarot card spread.

Tasseography - Tea Leaf Reading:
A fun and simple way to learn the art of tea leaf reading.

Free Psychic Readings and Reports

Free Tarot Card Readings:
You can get as many free tarot card readings as you would like. Choose from twelve different tarot card spreads.

Free Numerology Report:
Find out what your numbers say about you and your life. This comprehensive free numerology report covers your Life Path and Destiny numbers. You'll also find out what challenges you may have to overcome as well as special talents and skills and how to use them wisely.

Free Astrology Charts and Reports:
Discover what the stars say about you and your life. These astrology charts and reports can be an excellent way to understand yourself much better.


Psychic and Paranormal News:
Keep up to date on the latest psychic and paranormal news stories from across the Web.

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